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Wall and Water Gardens by Gertrude Jekyll

Many a garden has to be made on a hillside more or less steep. The conditions of such a site naturally suggest some form of terracing, and in connection with a house of modest size and kind, nothing is prettier or pleasanter than all the various ways of terraced...

The Fiend’s Delight! A Rare Find.

Every so often there is a book that stands out from the rest. While I was organizing the shelves I caught sight of this small brown book with a prancing satyr on the cover. The little, gilt figure was adorable–jolly even. I picked it up and read the title: "The...

Margaret Armstrong: A Beloved Designer

Armstrong’s interest in nature is reflected in her designs which often feature animals, plants, vines and flowers. She was a revolutionary and utilized bold-colored inks, shiny and matte gold hot-stamping, embossing, and many of the cutting edge printing techniques of her time. Further, her use of slightly asymmetrical designs set hers apart from many of her peers.

Harold Gaze: One of the Great Book Illustrators

Harold Gaze (1884-1963) was amongst the most unique Australasian illustrators, yet his accomplishments have still to be completely acknowledged, and his life to be precisely graphed. Check out his work...

Introducing Ebon et Noir Magazine

For the last three years, I have been finding great homes for antiquarian books. In the spirit of sharing, I have created a magazine devoted to tidbits of long-lost wisdom. Part curated catalog, part entertainment, Ebon et Noir Magazine is a thematic quarterly...

Attract Bats to Your Garden

Bats are among the most important consumers of night-flying insects, including mosquitoes, moths and beetles. A single little brown bat can catch more than 600 mosquitoes in an hour. In our garden, we love watching our bats emerge from their hiding places and begin...

Five Illustrators You May Have Never Heard Of

While everyone has heard of Blake, William Morris, Walter Crane and Rackham, many have not heard of these five, prolific illustrators: Margaret Rebecca Dickinson, Samuel Palmer, Leon Underwood, Herbert Granville Fell, and Anna Whelan Betts

The Codex Gigas and 13th Century Scribes

What antiquarian blog would be complete without a mention of the Codex Gigas? Also known as the Devil's Bible, the Codex is famous for its magnificent dimensions and the gruesome, green-faced devil inscribed upon one of its pages.

The Experiment that was PAN Magazine

Edited by Otto Julius Bierbaum and Julius Meier-Graefe, PAN magazine published illustrations by well-known as well as unknown international artists. It also featured full page graphic designs, typographic experiments, poems, vignettes and other ephemera.

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