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Part curated catalog, part entertainment, Ebon et Noir Magazine is a thematic quarterly publication that will feature wisdom from old books, as well as special columns to kindle artistic interests, literary passions, and much more.

What’s Inside Issue 01 {Spring, 2016}

Issue 01 (Spring, 2016) is about the rites of spring, gardening, fairies, and magic. Sign up to have the 21 page PDF delivered to your inbox.

• Fairy Magic in the Garden: One of a kind fairy doors.
• A Selection of Fairy Books
• History of the English Cottage Garden
• The Art of Harold Gaze, One of the Great Book Illustrators
• Tea Etiquette and Afternoon Receptions
• The Photographs of Diana Matisz
• Shopping: Goodies for Your Garden
• How to Attract Bats to Your Garden
• and more…

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